epoGEM - Pearl Effects


Super - gloss jewelry adhesive - unsurpassed

IAM epoGEM Pearl Effect adhesive is the ultimate in jewelry design compounds. Its unparalleled super-gloss finish is an excellent jewelry enhancer. IAM epoGEM Pearl Effect adhesive guarantees everlasting bonding of jewelry crystals to host and the exquisite colors complement fabulous jewelry pieces.



epoGEM  Anahata Green Pearl Effect

By using our epoGEM Anahata Green Pearl Effect you have additional support in the emphasis of your jewelry messages. Enveloping the Garnet crystal will protect travelers, with Peridot we welcome springtime, and by embedding Emerald gems epoGEM Anahata Green Pearl Effect adhesive we have hope. Hope for a Green Planet.


epoGEM  Sunshine Yellow Pearl Effect

IAM epoGEM's sunny and fresh Sunshine Yellow Pearl Effect is impossible to miss. All eyes will be drawn to jewelry items made with our bright and shiny Sunshine Yellow.
Integrate Sunshine Yellow and other IAM epoGEM Pearl Effects as visual elements of your designs and give your jewelry collections that extra touch to stand out from the crowd. Create the One in a Million Master- pieces with epoGEM Pearl Effect.


epoGEM  ITALIAN ROSE Pearl Effect

Young, hip and forever sweet. No other adhesive is more appropriate for your universal love jewelry item collection. The young and the young at heart will adore your sparkling Swarovski crystal stones embedded IAM's epoGEM super-gloss Italian Rose Pearl Effect adhesive. A crystal enhancer like no other.


epoGEM  Mountain dew Pearl Effect

Crystal blue sparkling earrings next to sky- blue sparkling eyes. There is only one crystal jewelry adhesive that can compete with both and claim its own bright sparkle power, Mountain Dew adhesive from IAM's epoGEM Pearl Effect. It is easy to make magic with our Pearl Effect series.

epoGEM  Snow Crystal Pearl Effect

White, the color of brightness, sparkle, contrast and purity. The perfect balance to black, complement it or act as its antagonist. Embellish your romantic dream jewelry designs and reveal the jewel stones sparkling perfection by embedding them permanently and everlasting in Snow.
Crystal Pearl Effect adhesive from the IAM epoGEM group.

epoGEM  Steel Magnolia Pearl Effect

Anthracite, black, the dark and domineering. The Steel Magnolia among IAM's epoGEM Pearl Effect adhesives. It declares strength, independency, and supremacy, and at the same time prevails with femininity at its most elegant. This epoGEM Pearl Effect adhesive is a must-have for any jewelry designer. It enhances black Diamonds, Crystal Moonlights, Jets, White and Crystal Satins in cool, strong, chic winter jewelry collections, or complements big and small gem stones in black & white jewelry theme sets.




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