epo GEM- Fluorescent Colors

Colors glow in the dark under black light

By day a beautiful, stunning piece of jewelry; by night a beautiful, stunning, fantastically glowing and sparkling one of a kind masterpiece. Get the double effect with IAM epoGEM Fluorescent adhesive that glows in the dark under black light. Exquisite jewelry items made with epoGEM Fluorescent adhesive catch everybody's special in places where black light is the source of illumination like in discos, museums, amusement parks, and night clubs. Use the brightly glowing in the dark adhesive for Halloween jewelry, Christmas decoration, or other event decoration where the glow in the dark effect is not only a ‘nice touch’ but a prerequisite.


Fluorescent Blue Fluorescent Red Fluorescent Green Fluorescent Yellow



Due to your monitor and printer settings color samples shown may vary to original adhesive colors.











To sit in the shade, you have to save paper first - Go Green!

An excerpt of some international enterprises who use epoGEM:



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