IAM epoGEM is without a doubt IAM's flag ship in adhesives. IAM epoGEM is primarily used in the fashion jewelry and accessory industry to permanently embed precious jewelry stones into rings, brooches, necklaces, body piercing jewelry and fashionable personal effect items.

IAM epoGEM jewelry adhesive not only assures the all-important everlasting bond of crystal to jewelry item, but impresses jewelry admirers with its unique surface shine, from velvety semi-gloss to hi-gloss, while color-matching today's well-known and frequently used crystal shades.

IAM's unrivaled feature in all colors is the fine gloss and its velvety surface. No other adhesive claimed this feature for itself. The fashion jewelry industries use this unique characteristic by the use of epoGEM as a visual Design element. No other jewelry glue supplemented crystals and other precious stones better than epoGEM.

IAM has a large pallet of different epoGEM adhesives varying in color, shades and effects.
The matching Crystal and Pearl colors are available. The adhesives retain their original color, shade or effects over several years. And IAM epoGEM adhesive colors could be mixed to obtain unique color structures or imitations like marble, fur, and water waves to mention but a few. The genius lies with the artist, during mixing and molding of the adhesive.




IAM epoGEM Standard Colors are unique in their fine velvety surface shine. A delicate semi-gloss supports the bright sparkle of Swarovski crystals and other precious gems.

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IAM epoGEM Pearl Effect adhesive is unparalleled in its composition. Not only does it securely bond precious and expensive stones to its intended host object, like all IAM jewelry adhesives guarantee, but it also radiates a most incredible hi-gloss surface shine once the adhesive is set. Give your jewelry pieces the overall brilliance they deserve use this advanced adhesive for your setting!

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IAM epoGEM Metallic Effect adhesive is especially designed for those metallic-look themed jewelry items or crystallized decors. Use any of our epoGEM Metallic Effects as your trusted crystal stone bonding agent and, at the same time, let it shine as a visible element of your crystal design. With its natural surface gloss it will ignite even more the brilliance of your jewelry masterpieces.

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    Colors glow in the dark under black light.

IAM epoGEM Fluorescent Colors let your jewelry items shine under the sun and glow at night under black light. Never miss an opportunity, to impress your customers with this extra special touch. Should jewelry or jewelry decorated objects for a special event shine and sparkle in the dark?

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In the event where a custom shade is needed, we at IAM would be happy to process special orders.

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epoGEM is a self-hardening adhesive. No heating or other final hardening treatment is necessary. As previously mentioned, in its hardened state epoGEM has, what's in the jewelry industry is greatly appreciated. A velvety subtle shining surface that is complements sparkling crystal stones and beads. Furthermore, epoGEM is scratch resistant, extremely hard, unbreakable and indestructible. These important features allow designers to incorporate 3D shapes like hearts, balls or tiny figurines into their jewelry creations.

The preparing and handling of the 2-component adhesive epoGEM is easy and clean.
It is odorless, releases no fumes, and is non-aggressive to most people's skin.
epoGEM will remain useable for at least 1 hour (depending on room temperature and color used) before the hardening process sets in. It also connects seamlessly to already hardened epoGEM adhesive, which allows the adhesive to be used on bigger crystal set projects like statues, ornaments, picture frames, and gift articles.
With epoGEM adhesive are no limits in the design of jewelry items or other crystallized objects. epoGEM enriches and complements all kinds of crystal stones and beads and the new interesting creations amaze jewelry lovers all over the world.





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