Whether your company is active in the light or heavy manufacturing industry is irrelevant. It is very important that the used adhesives in your production correspond to your requirements and the needs of your customers. IAM adhesives were strictest laboratory tests subjected to make sure that our products are of the highest quality and not disappoint.


1.) UV–Protection

No more color loss or change of your crystal adhesive. All IAM epoGEM adhesive products include UV protection.
UV rays affect the color pigments of the adhesive you are using to affix precious stones to jewelry items or other articles.

With IAM epoGEM - Effect & Standard the colors are UV protected and remain fresh, vivid, and in their original color shade and tone over several years.
By using IAM epoGEM adhesive your customers will value your concern to use only high quality products in your crystal production.

Applies to epoGEM - Effect and Standard

2.) Self-Leveling Surface

No more smoothening out surfaces! No more wipe off fingerprints!
To even out adhesive surfaces with oil or water and to clean off fingerprints to give your jewelry a professional smooth look is a work procedure in the past. After you finished applying IAM epoGEM just let it rest for a few minutes and the surface will self-level.
Big savings in production means time and money.

Applies to epoGEM - Effect and Standard

3.) One component B matches all epoGEM - Standard component A adhesives

No more color matching components needed; one type component B, hardener, is used with all IAM component  A adhesives to achieve best results. Yes, another unique product fact only IAM offers.
One type hardener can be used with any other of IAM's component A adhesive products. No more wasting of unused component B substance.  E.g.: If you have a rest amount of hardener delivered together with epoGEM Crystal you may use it with the left-over epoGEM Aquamarine component A sustainable cost reduction through efficient use of materials.

Applies to epoGEM -Standard


4.) High Gloss Surface

No more polishing the adhesive surface to make it shine to match sparkling crystals. A surface high gloss magically appears after a few minutes of resting. IAM epoGEM produces the glossiest surface by far – and all by itself. No other product on the market to date matches the quality and strength of our adhesive surface gloss capacity. Just let the final product start its hardening process and the gloss emerges after only a few minutes.
A visual extravagance you bestow onto your high quality products that proves to your customers that you care. 

Applies to epoGEM - Effect , epoGEM - Standard

5.) Permanent Bond of Crystals to Host

No more crystals falling out of your jewelry items or other crystal set projects. Everlasting bond guaranteed. In the crystal setting business the falling out of crystals is a major problem. However, with the new innovative technology we use in IAM epoGEM adhesive this dilemma has ceased to be an issue. Whether an epoGEM crystal set item is dropped to the floor or accidentally knocked, the bond is permanent.

The difference lies in the glue!

Prerequisite for permanent bond: stones are set correctly and according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
Items mishandled, intentionally or accidentally, may break.

Products set with IAM epoGEM provide your customers with a strong and secure selling platform.

Applies to epoGEM - Effect and epoGEM - Standard

6.) IAM's Top Priority - Customer Service

IAM makes customer service its top priority. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction and customer success.
We will be there when you need us; we will be there to deliver quality products; and we will be there to ensure your complete happiness and success.
If you need a personal epoGEM color or a consistency matching for your needs or you want a special color protected to improve your own trademark call us and we can discuss your request further in detail. Contact us today with a quick email or call and let us know how we can assist you.

 IAM – The next Generation!


   Think...There is no Planet B - Go Green!

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