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IAM - International Adhesive Manufacturer is a group of companies comprised of specialized in glue development and HEAD Co., Ltd., a company with years of experience in development and producing glass structures and supervision of glass installation.

The group was formed as it became apparent that the right production materials are unavailable in the quality what is necessary for these industries.

In 2008 the IAM group developed an extraordinary 2-component epoxy adhesive, called epoGEM, for the jewelry industry and supervision glass projects. The outstanding result led to further developments and at present time the group offers one more adhesive, epoSCULPT, a clay with give our customers the potential that the dreams come true for future oriented artists.

IAM accepts industry customers, distributors and wholesales enterprises worldwide and offers a redirection service to the retail industry. With this new compound there is no limit for a strong bond on fabric, leather, or any other kind of surface.

Although we are especially proud of our high quality products, our full dedication lies in providing our customers with a friendly, personal and fast service.



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