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International Adhesive Manufacturer specializes in producing high quality, high performance adhesives and compounds for professional designers, artists and amateur artisans. We produce best adhesives and glues for jewelry, fashion jewelry, beads and jewellery manufacturers. The use of our adhesives and crystal clays is manifold: fashion jewelry, jewelry manufacturing, glazing, finishing / beautification of vehicles, repairs and modeling. Just to mention a few. All our products are easy miscible and to handle, hardening without heating and are non-hazardous. 






The advantage the IAM adhesives have to offer

Whether your company is active in the light or heavy manufacturing industry is irrelevant. It is very important that the used adhesives in your production correspond to your requirements and the needs of your customers. IAM adhesives were strictest laboratory tests subjected to make sure that our products are of the highest quality and not disappoint.
Our colors are UV-protected. No premature appearance of aging will happen. The adhesive surface level itself becomes bright shiny without wiping, polishing or applying other substances. This are just a few benefits our advanced adhesive offers...read more









IAM epoGEM is without a doubt IAM's flagship in adhesives.    IAM epoGEM is primarily used in the fashion jewelry and accessory industry to permanently embed precious jewelry stones into rings, brooches...


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IAM epoSCULPT is a 2-component putty-like modeling mass, easy to mix, for kneading and for molding and design. The compound self-hardens 24 hours after the mixing of the two components and turns into an extremely...

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